Saturday, November 24, 2012

moving on

11 months since my last post, it's time to admit to myself that I don't blog anymore. I have been reluctant to let it go, yet I don't really want to anymore.

I enjoyed blogging so much back in 2005 when "everybody" was knit blogging, but with the arrival of Ravelry we all know what happened to the knit blog community. I have been trying to keep up the blog as well as my Ravelry presence, but it's just too much work, and at the end of the day they both became a chore.

Also, I don't knit as much as I used to. I have two children now, I'm trying to lose the baby weight and have started to spend much more time walking, jogging and doing pilates. I have developed an interest in photography, and it's all taking from the knitting and blogging time.

I have been wanting to change the blog to reflect these new interests and cover more topics. I have also considered focusing more on pictures and less on text. And I have considered switching from English to Norwegian. But the blogging mojo is just gone.

Last week I bought myself an Iphone, my first, and signed up for Instagram immediately. Seven days later I have posted 50 photos, and am officially obsessed! I have tried blogging, Ravelry, facebook and twitter in the past,some half-heartedly, some grudgingly, but Instagram is perfect for my needs and my preference for communicating through pictures rather than words.

If you have been following this blog for the knitting, then you'll find me on Ravelry, where my username is marieflyfly. I plan to keep Ravelry updated with my knitting projects. I might also keep the blog updated with my knitting projects, and the odd knitting related post. I think I might continue to share knitting projects on the blog. Or maybe not. I have two finished objects, and four WIPs as we speak, that have never been mentioned on the blog, so only time will tell.

But everything else - such as etsy finds, eye candy friday, glimpses from my everyday life, photos of pretty things - will be posted on instagram. I won't be using my SLR camera for the instagram photos - iphone pics only, but I think I can live with that.What I love about Instagram is the low threshold for posting pictures and the possibility for participating in an online community that might resemble the blogging community.

My Instagram profile is Mariemarieflyfly, and here's the first knitting picture I have posted there:


Janette said...

Hi Marie
I still pop in to this blog now and again to see if you had posted anything new.
I know what you mean about posting. I want to keep mine going too, but, truthfully, I do lack enthusiasm.
I'll look forward to keep up with your knitting progress on Ravelry.
It's been an absolutely pleasure all these years to have followed your Blog Marie.
Janette xx

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