Monday, January 02, 2012

FO: Alpaca baby raglan cardi

On Dec 4th I said "I'm in the process of finishing a cardi for Jens (...). I hope to have photos of it tomorrow." Haha, the best laid plans and famous last words and so on - it took me another 20 days to finish that little cardi, mainly because I hated the finishing. I used Nøstebarns basic raglan baby cardi as a guide so to speak, as discussed before, which featured an unusual way to make the button bands. You basically ignored them until you had finished the rest of the cardi, and then you had to pick up ten stitches at the bottom edge and knit the buttons bands which you then had to sew on - I didn't like this method, it was very fidgety, and why sew when you can knit????, and I don't understand what makes it more useful that just knitting your button bands as you go along.

I used the same lovely alpaca for this cardi, as I used for his sideways striped cardi, and although it worked very well for that pattern, it wasn't the best choice for this cardi. Firstly because it's a very skinny yarn, and takes forever(an entire season to be precise!) to knit up in stockinette. Secondly, alpaca isn't a very bouncy yarn, and the finished cardi doesn't seem very stretchy or flexible - unlike the garter stitch one - so I guess garter stitch makes a more stretchy fabric?

I love the heathered color though, and I don't think I could have found a similar colorway in a more traditional baby wool. And I just LOVE the manly little leather buttons with this color and style cardi - doesn't he look just like a little man wearing it?!

Pattern: Nøstebarn stripete raglanjakke
Yarn: Garnstudio/Drops Alpaca

Started: 7th Oct 2011
Finished: 24th December 2011


PeneLene said...

Skjønn jakke, og joda - han ser ut som en liten herremann din lille Jens!

Seksti delt på Fem said...

NYDELIG! Både jakke og gutt :)

Elsker fortsatt smykkene dine, har 2-3-4 par øredobber som stadig er mine favoritter <3

Fuglemamma said...

The method you describe for the buttonbands is very useful when knitting in the round and then steeking the jacket. But if the jacket is knitted back and forth it seems like a waste of time. Nevertheless, a very handsome little cardi for a very handsome little man.

sewa mobil jakarta said...

Cute baby, thanks for sharing.

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