Friday, December 02, 2011

etsy friday: toys

With a new baby comes new etsy categories to explore! I have bought some gorgeous play silks from BeneathTheRowanTree, and a taggie from Razzberrygiggles. The taggie is obviously a baby toy, but the play silks are great for both the baby and the 8-year old, so it's their first shared toy. Nene had a play silk already, but it was practically disintegrating, so I decided we needed a new one. Except I couldn't stop at one when I saw the gorgeous hand painted ones offered at BeneathTheRowanTree! I bought a set of three, one mossy green, one aqua-greenish and one custom dyed red, inspired by their idea of an elements trio, but I made my own collection chosen from their multicolored range. I also bought a really beautiful, extra big one, from their inspired-by-the-arts range - this one is inspired by van Gogh's Starry Night.

With the baby, I'm using the play silks for peek-a-boo-games, for him to explore (chew!) and for songs about the oceans. Nene uses them for dress-up, and for games involving the ocean, the forest and volcanoes. Here's what BeneathTheRowanTree says about play silks:
"Playsilks are open-ended.As your child grows, their silks grow with them, becoming capes and landscapes, blankets and tightropes~ soft, warm, colorful~ lead by the child’s imagination into worlds of wonder.Playsilks make wonderful decor~ canopies, sheers, nature table backdrops...Perfect for dress up, too"

- and here's Jens with his taggie:

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