Monday, November 07, 2011

new meitai

BF and Jens testing our new Babyhawk meitai. I love how you can choose
between a gazillion different fabrics to make your own individualised mei tai.
This one is reversible, with this butterfly fabric on the reverse side:

The owl side was my attempt to choose something a tad more masculine
(ok, let's say less feminine!), so BF would be comfortable using it too

Babywearing is included in the eight principles of attachment parenting.
It's also very practical, not to mention sleep inducing - just look at this sleepy face:

1 comment:

Monstermønster said...

Nydelige ugler! Vi har hatt stor glede av meitaier her i huset, og babyhawken min blir stadig lånt videre til de som vil prøve her i området.

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