Monday, October 10, 2011


There were some interesting comments to my post about the drops cardi failure, particularly the one from Silkesauen where she politely mentions that it's possible to make the neckline fit better by following the instructions at the very end of the pattern.


In my defence I would like to point out that it did occur to me that something could be done by picking up stitches and decreasing and what not, but it did NOT occur to me to look for page 2 of the pattern to see if perhaps there was a suggestion as to how this could be done. Well, what do you know! I hadn't actually finished the cardi - no wonder it was such a failure!

Still big and kind of girly, but at least it's wearable:

Silkesauen also made an interesting comment about the many versions that exits of the sideways baby cardi, and agreed that the Drops pattern makes a very feminine A-line shape, whereas Nøstebarn has a version that is more square and masculine. Like I said in my first post about this project, I did in fact plan to knit the Nøstebarn version, before I came across the Drops pattern and liked it better. I don't know what my problem with Nøstebarn is - I have the book, and it's packed with basic patterns for kids' clothing and it's very popular among Norwegian knitters. I just find it boring, and all the photos of uneven knitting just don't appeal to me, and I guess I just don't have it in me to see its potential. Which I know is there, because I have seen a lot of really nice knits from this book on various Norwegian blogs. Here's a particularly good example of a lovely project that looks boring in the book, and here's another.

So I'll give it a try, and have taken the rest of the leftover brown alpaca from the Drops cardi, and cast on for a very boringlooking basic baby raglan cardi from the Nøstebarn book. No photo today, but later this week perhaps.

Instead I give you this, to prove that Mr. Grump does smile once in a while:


Fuglemamma said...

We´re allowed to giggle a little, right? Good to hear that you found a way to make the jacket wearable!

Monstermønster said...

hihi! Side 2, skal det være med også nå?

Takker for kompliment om jakka, jeg er ganske enig med deg om Nøstebarnboka. Mye greie mønstre som forsvinner i bildene, synes ikke alltid ungene på bildene passer inn i klærne (for store eller for små) og nøstebarnoppskriftene generelt er litt vel løs i strikkefastheten, jeg må stort sett regulere med en pinnestørrelse ned for å få det fastere.

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