Tuesday, August 30, 2011

knitting again

I got my knitting mojo back, but not my blogging mojo, so I'll be brief. I'm working on a baby cardi for Jens. It's a Drops free pattern, available here. I had planned to use a pattern from "Strikk til Nøstebarn", but the Drops pattern seemed better somehow. It's quite simple and quite clever. Knit sideways, sleeves included as you go, and with short rows which shapes the yoke and the body. Nice.

The instructions advise you to slip 1 st after turning and tighten thread before continuing, to avoid holes in your knitting when you work with short rows. I tried this, and it didn't work at all for me. Instead I chose to apply the method I have learnt from the Hanne Falkenberg patterns I have knitted in the past, which is to make a yarnover when you turn, and when you come back to that point knit the yarnover together with the next stitch. This, in my experience, is a much better way of working short rows with nice transitions.

I'm using Drops alpaca. Loving that bluebell color. Loving the brown too, am thinking of using it for a sweater for myself.

When I'm not knitting, I spend hours going through all my knitting books and magazines planning my next 50 projects, yarn purchases and updating my Ravelry queue so that it reflects my actual plans, instead of using it for storing a gazillion favorites.

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karen said...

Beautiful pattern and choice of yarn! You remind me- I have some work to do over on Ravelry as well.. :-)

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