Wednesday, June 22, 2011

christening bonnets

I may not have mentioned this before, but I'll be needing a baby christening bonnet by October. For my baby boy, whom I haven't blogged about yet, who is due at the end of July.

We have a lovely christening gown that is a family heirloom, but the bonnet that goes with it is very frilly and girly and pink-ribboned. The gown has been worn by every baby in the family since 1910 or thereabouts, but for some reason no one ever thought to aquire a boys' bonnet, so all the boys have been wearing a fairly simple lace summer bonnet for their christening.

When I first discovered Solveig Hisdal's book Poetry in Stitches a few years ago, I fell for this cute, whimsical bonnet that she refers to as a Christening bonnet in the book (but why is the baby wearing a knit sweater??), and decided that if I ever have a boy, I will knit this bonnet for him. Because it's so lovely and I liked the beads and the pom-poms.

But the knit bonnet doesn't really go with the gown, which is very delicate, gauzy and airy. I don't have a good digital picture of the gown, only this one, but perhaps you get the idea:

Then I came across this epla shop called Knøtt & Knapp, which sells the most beautiful handmade christening bonnets, and now I just can't decide anymore. I particularly like this one (which would go perfectly with my bunad, but again - not so much with the christening gown, and as I'm not the one being christened here, maybe not...)

maybe this one is a better match:

oh, the decisions!


Janette said...

Oh my goodness Marie!!!!!

How absolutely wonderful - congratulations!

Ulla said...

What a beautiful dress. Proabaly the last bonnet works best, but both are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Knøtt and Knapp do make bonnets to match existing gowns it says on the webpage. I made my son a plain linen bonnet for his Christening with just some Hardanger embroidery on the brim. It was a simple pattern, I can send you a copy if you like.

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