Sunday, May 22, 2011

blurb photo books

I have been wanting to print the photos I take in book form for years. I have printed virtually nothing since I first started using a digital camera. I created an account on years ago, but never got around to actually do anything about it. This winter I decided that I was going to take some action and get things printed. I went back to 2007 when I got my digital SLR, at which point I switched to digital photographies only. Before 2007 I had a small digital compact camera and an analogue SLR, and used to alternate between the two, and in the end decided to make traditional photo albums covering that period. Anyway, starting in 2007, I had thousands of photos to sort through and tweak in photoshop, so it's been a big project. I decided to make one book for each year, so ended up with four books. I made books as gifts for family members too, but with fewer pictures, so those books cover two years each. I decided to use Premium paper as opposed to standard paper, which meant I got a maximum of 160 pages per book, whereas you get 440 pages if you choose standard paper. There are a number of choices in formats and design profiles. I decided to make mine very simple, to make sure they won't look dated in a few years, so I opted out of the design profiles and chose a simple design softcover standard landscape format, and I'm very happy with that choice.

I did shop around a bit, not so much for prices as for quality, before I decided on blurb, and found that blurb generally gets very positive reviews. I found the prices fair too, compared to the Norwegian options I checked out, also when shipping is taken into account. Printing and shipping was surprisingly fast, and the quality is great, so I'm happy!

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The binge knitter said...

I love the idea of a book rather than the traditional album.
I found the same problem with a transfer from an analog to slr, we just stopped printing out the photos which is a shame because leafing through the album is so different than looking at the photos on the computer.
They're looking great!

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