Sunday, February 13, 2011

last chance?

It's been a particularly cold and grey February Sunday, so we've just stayed in, playing computer games and knitting. Nene and I spent the afternoon making extremely pink Hello Kitty cupcakes. Pink batter, pink frosting, pink taste... You will see from the pictures how a baker who takes herself serious takes care to match her outfit with her baked goods. I think we could all take some style tips for the kitchen here.

We're taking Nene to the hospital tomorrow, to test her for coeliac disease, so the next time we decide to make cupcakes it could possibly be a bit trickier. I'm prepared though, I've been reading about glutenfree baking from here to over there where the internet ends. If it turns out she doesn't have it, we will probably cut down on wheat anyway.

But not today. Today is pink cupcake day!

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Anne said...

Sorry to hear Nene's not been well. We're Coeliac experts here (I was diagnosed when I was 14, Adam was diagnosed when he was 6) so although I don't know about products you have available locally, I'm more than happy to help if I can.

(And we can make fabulous pink cupcakes from gluten-free flour!)

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