Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I finished Vivienne from Kim Hargreaves Precious collection this weekend. I've used Dale Baby Ull, mainly because I fell for the slate/blue color, and it seemed like a good idea to make a lightweight wool sweater, which might actually get some wear. So far I've worn it twice this week, and I plan to wear it again tomorrow, so I think we have a winner here! 

I have always liked Kim Hargreaves patterns for their precision in how the pieces fit together, but this time I more or less ditched the pattern in favor of knitting in the round, and join the raglan seams as I went along, rather than knit flat in four pieces and seam later. I don't regret doing that, but I got in trouble when I reached the yoke, so that part is more or less freehand knitting with frequent fittings to find the right place to start the neckline decreases. I just don't understand why people knit their stockinette sweaters flat when you can save 2/3 of the time and avoid purling by knitting in the round? With this fingering weight baby wool knitting flat was just not an option.

I love the wide neckline of the original pattern, but decided to make mine a  little less wide to avoid my underwear from showing! I also decided again the buttons on the yoke, because I wear a lot of jewelry (go figure!), so I didn't want the buttons to get in the way of my necklaces. But I did pull out my all time favorite buttons for the cuffs - I found them in my Grandma's sewing box, and they are clearly vintage, I'm guessing the 50s. When I first found them I thought they were plastic (and I have seen a lot of similar plastic ones on etsy), but now that I have a little more knowledge about vintage beads I'm thinking glass  because they're quite heavy and make a nice clinking sound. 

I only have one issue with this sweater: The edge is moss stitch, and although pretty, it just doesn't work well, I keep tugging and pulling it all day.


Pattern: Vivienne by Kim Hargreaves

Yarn: Dale Baby Ull

Started 3 August 2010

Finished 14 October 2010


hege said...

Simply divine!

Ulla said...

Beautiful, your modifications look very nice.

Lynette said...

wonderful job! i love it-the fit and the color!

nicole said...

This is a truly beautiful knit, and it looks fabulous on you! I love that kind of blue.

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