Tuesday, October 26, 2010

unfinished business

aarggg - I just spent two entire evenings installing a zipper in Celtic (which has only been sitting not-quite-finished for two short years), using this great tutorial, and it was perfect (if I may say so myself). Until I tried it on, and realised I had chosen a zipper that doesn't open at the bottom - you know the kind of zipper you would put in pants. I had know idea they made 55 cm pants zippers - it just did not cross my mind that there are two kinds of zippers.

That leaves my Celtic with three major problems:

1. It's now a sweater rather than a cardi

2. it would be a nice sweater on a boyish body type. I'm not a boyish type. I need to wear that cardi unzipped.

3. one sleeve was knit with the wrong dye lot. In my finishing of old UFOs frenzy lately, I've decided to frog it and knit a new sleeve. But it seems that SandnesGarn have changed their palette again, and the new colors just don't match.

So I've been toying with the idea of dyeing the entire cardi. Maybe I would if the zipper and my body type weren't wrong....

1 comment:

Hanne-Kristine said...

Is there no chance for change/ rip out the zipper and then sew in a new one?
Dying the cardigan would be a good idea. Many blog`knitters have done so:) they may be able to give good advise...

good luck

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