Saturday, August 07, 2010

new blue projects

Last year when I found myself left with lots (but not enough for a sweater) of beautiful discontinued  brown alpaca from Sandnesgarn, I decided the best way to rescue that yarn was to buy more, in various colors, so I could use it for some sort of striped project. I only bought a ball of each color to test out the color palette, with the intention of buying more later, when I had decided on a project. Which is how I ended up with this:

I had my knitting plans ready for the fall, and they didn't include anything striped or anything blue. But then I bought that skirt in the previous post. And I rememberet that lone ball of dusty petrol in my stash. It turned out to be a perfect match for the skirt. This is a  DK yarn, which should make it suitable for Suvi Simola's Baby Cables and Big Ones, which I've been wanting to knit for some time. So I went to the LYS for more yarn. 

And this should be no surprise: The lovely dusty petrol had been discontinued. The new pale blue shade was completely different. I find it so disappointing how Sandnesgarn will introduce an interesting colorway, only to replace it with a more mainstream version later. At least this time they had given the new color a new code. I found some Minialpaca in a shade that was similar to the dusty petrol, but decided to let the alpaca and Baby cables go for now. I just don't like to go for  hunts and searches for discontinued yarn or farfetched substitutions anymore. Besides  this lovely new shade of steely bluish grey Dale Babyull caught my eye at that moment. 

Babyull is a much lighter yarn, so it wouldn't be a good choice for Baby Cables, but I though of Vivienne by Kim Hargreaves, which is also a simple sweater with a garter stitch yoke, although no cables. I bought the yarn and cast on the minute I got home, and it's knitting up beautifully and I had forgotten how much I like Dale Babyull and the color is just gorgeous.

Except it doesn't go with that skirt.

Will have to find something beige or camel for that skirt. Some other time.

But then, and don't ask me why,I googled the color code of the discontinued alpaca, and found a shop that still carried it. Ordered 13 balls. They only had 10. Bought the 10, which according to my calculations will make a size small. Except I'm not a size small. But the skirt is, haha, so I won't be wearing any of them any time soon anyway.

So I'll be making Baby Cables in dusty petrol alpaca after all, and it has the added benefit of providing extra motivation for dieting.

I hope.

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