Saturday, July 24, 2010

mermaid finished

We're spending a week with MIL at her summer cabin in beautiful Ryfylke, and I was able to finish and block the cardi I've knitted for her mere minutes before we had to catch the ferry. I took these photos on her deck this evening, and tried to give you a glimpse of the amazing view at the same time, but found it better to include a photo of the sunset and the view unobstructed by knit garments :-)

The yarn I used for this project has a special story, that I wrote about here.
It turned out to be very challenging to find enough yarn in the shades I needed, or shades that went together at all, and I had to use leftovers from my own Mermaid for the sleeves.

Pattern: Mermaid by Hanne Falkenberg
Yarn: Unknown
Started 10 July 2009
Finished 17 July 2010


Elisabeth said...

Nydelig jakke i en herlig farge :)

Ulla said...

Beautiful jacket and views

hjemmemortil9 said...

Åh hvor er den smuk - og sikke nogle helt overdådige smukke omgivelser den nu befinder sig i! Tak for der smukke kig til hele herligheden!

annmarie said...

this is a beautiful sweater and the story behind the yarn is very special. I can only imagine how wonderful it was to be in that little house with its looms and walls full of wool! it sounds like heaven.

cri-cri said...

wow what a beautiful cardi...congrats!!

Firefly said...

This is just stunning -- so beautiful!

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