Wednesday, July 21, 2010

craft day for kids in the old scullery

I wrote about the Old Scullery in Brekkestø (Bryggerhuset) a couple of years ago, where they sell arts and crafts in the summer. I bought a couple of items this year, that I'll show you when I get around to it (don't have pictures now).

Nene absolutely loves the place, and I'm sure she could spend hours browsing all the pretty things and chatting to whichever of the artists that is in charge that day (especially if it is my cousin.)

They have craft days for kids a couple of times during the season, and Nene attended both this years. The first time she made a skipping rope and an old fashioned spinning top for herself, and yesterday she got to try felting and wood carving. The lady in charge called the felted creature a flee, I thought it looked more like a shell, but what do I know. It was my dad's birthday yesterday, and Nene and her four cousins where all busy with the felting, so I believe he received a lot of them as birthday gifts. 

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