Sunday, June 20, 2010

new project: Helga Isager 60s sweater

I frogged a really old WIP a while ago, Marianne Isager's pattern Riller that I started in 2006.

It was a clever design, but not necessarily a stylish sweater, and the pattern wasn't well written. It was downright confusing to tell the truth, so I decided to find a better use for that wonderful yarn.

First I planned to use it a Bohus sweater, but I wasn't able to find enough different shades in one shop, and then I heard that it was discontinued, so I gave up on that plan. I guess if I'm going to knit a Bohus sweater I'll have to buy kit. The charts in the book just aren't clear enough to be of much help if you want to make your own choices. On the other hand, I also heard there's a replacement for the tvinni alpaca, and as I plan to visit Danish yarn shops in the imminent future, I might give that bohus a second try. But I disgress.

Marianne Isager's daughter, helga isager, is a knit designer too, adn a lot of knitters in my generation find her designs more interesting. Helga Isager's book Strikketøj is inspired by fashion styles of the 20th century, and I have picked the sweater that represents the 60s. The stitch pattern is Fisherman's rib (or is it brioche stitch? Not sure about the difference, but I think it's Fisherman's rib when you knit your stitch through the stitch on the previous row) The original is knit up in black and white and the 60s inspiration is obvious.

My version, in my favorite color combo of slate and sand, doesn't evoke the 60s at all - I was just looking for a good pattern for my yarn. This pattern showcases both colors, and the shape and style of the sweater is a lot more elegant than the Riller pattern I first tried. I never liked fisherman's rib much in the past, but I think it looks amazing when done in two colours, and I was very surprised to see how airey and light it knit ups. For some reason I was expecting a heavy fabric.

wrong side:

right side:


Birgitte said...

Very nice colour combo!
I chose the one in the book, but no photos so far - the project is resting until the colder days return...

Ulla said...

Beautiful, I like your color combo.
I really like the sweater to, simple, yet elegant.

Isager Alpaca 2 is IMHO neither of the same quality nor comparable to tvinni alpaca.

Check out's alpaca instead, I suspect the base yarn is identical to tvinni alpaca.

On another note, the pattern in the latest amimono winter leaflet is pretty much identical to one in "Strikketøj" for those wanting an English version of the pattern.

nicole said...

What a fantastic pattern choice for your yarn! I too love the slate and sand combo. It's going to be beautiful.

annmarie said...

very chic! and the fisherman's rib is a great choice for these two colors.

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