Wednesday, February 24, 2010

second try

a simple sock in Socks that Rock, started in November 2007 when I decided it was time to start knitting and blogging again

Except I didn't. The sock was too big, and I hated the pooling, so eventually I decided to rip it and try again. And again and again. I tried 12 stitches less, 8 stitches less and eventually settled on four little stitches left and what do you know! Perfect stripes, no pooling, love it.

here's the November 07 version

and now:

got my knitting mojo back too, and went knit book shopping:


MagFly said...


Veldig fine striper!

Elisabeth said...

Veldig stor forskjell på stripene ja :) Liker godt den nye versjonen.

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