Sunday, November 01, 2009

etsy friday: sunday best

I'm so pleased with Nene's new party dress. Etsy of course!

The new dress is from Hana & Violet, and the seller, Hiroko, is adorable Hana and Violet's grandmother. Hiroko offers colorful dresses, outstanding workmanship and great customer service. For a small extra fee I got a custom fit, and yet it shipped in no time at all.

Nene's last fabulously gorgeous party dress was from Bellasofia on etsy, and although it's getting very small for her, Nene loves it so much that she got really upset with me when I told her I had bought her a new dress.

Until it arrived in it's full-skirted, lace-trimmed, red-rosed, machine-washable glory - now she won't take it off!

We're sad to see the bellasofia dress become too small, but loving the new dress, and I really want share both these sellers with you, because they're GREAT.

Nene loves the full skirt:

- mommy, look! The dress is making waves!

- mommy, I'm really dizzy now

* yes I know it's Sunday, but I need to put the words Etsy Friday in the title for search purposes!

1 comment:

Fringe said...

Your daughter looks so happy in her new dress, and she looks just beautiful too! Those photos are should frame them :)

Thank you for sharing!

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