Sunday, November 22, 2009

more conversations with Nene

Nene: Daddy, I don't want to grow up. Grown-ups don't have teddy bears.

Daddy: Oh, but they do! Lot's of grown-ups have teddy bears. I still have my teddy bear. Now, try to sleep.

Nene: Really? how come I never met your teddy bear? where is he? I don't believe you.I don't want to grow up :starts to cry:

Daddy :whispers: hey, Marie, do you know where my old teddy bear is? is he somewhere in our house at all!?

me: do you mean the scruffy old thing in the bottom corner of that mess of a closet where we keep all the stuff we don't use??

- two minutes later -

Daddy: here's my teddy, Nene, I told you he was around -say hello! Would you believe mommy had hid him in a closet. Bad mommy.

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Birdsong Designs said...

How adorable :) -- all of you!

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