Friday, November 06, 2009

etsy friday: handmade soap

I don't buy commercial soap anymore. After I joined etsy two years ago I have switched to handmade soap, at first because they smell and look delicious, but as time passed I found that my skin doesn't get dry and chapped anymore, and I have gotten completely rid of the rash on my hands that bothered me for years. I think handmade soap is better for me because it hasn't had the glycerine removed, and is made with pure, natural ingredients.

From what I understand there are two kinds of handmade soap, Melt&Pour and Hot or Cold Process soap. Hot Process and Cold Process soap is soap made from scratch. Soap making is a process where lye reacts with fat. Glycerine, which is moisturising for the skin, occurs during the process, but is often removed from commercial soap. Very often commercial soap bars are not actually soap, but detergents. You can read more about handmade soap in this article where etsy soap makers are interviewed.

The pretty soaps in the photo are from Frost Fish Cove Soaps, and the one on top is from South Pacific Body. It's called Man Soap because of its scent, and it's particularly good for cleaning really greasy or dirty gardening hands. These are both great sellers that I plan to shop with again. One soap seller I keep returning to is Anderson Soap Company, especially for their delicious rosebud soap. Others I have tried and loved and am happy to recommend are Southern Vermont Soaps, Sudstress and for bath salts and oil Stephanie K Naturals. I have a preference for cold process soaps with floral scents like lavender or rose, or lemon, or soft scents like almond, honey or oatmeal, that don't trigger migraines, which is obviously reflected in my recommendations. Your tastes may be different, but whatever they are I'm sure you'll be able to find a soap that is perfect for you on etsy.

My last order, which I haven't received yet, is pure castile soap from CampoDiFiore. I'm really excited about that order because I've been wanting to try castile soap, besides I was really happy to find a European seller, because soap is heavy and the shipping costs from the US can be painful at times. Most etsy sellers are in the US, and if you're not, the shipping costs might be a deciding factor when you're looking for a good shop. Some US sellers offer 6-8 bars in a flat envelope for a flat rate of around 12-13 dollars for shipping to Europe - I think it has something to do with the size of the envelope. I think that's reasonable, and knowing it's possible I don't like to go much higher.

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