Friday, August 07, 2009

eye candy friday: A new pet

Nene found a caterpillar. I love how she cradles it so protectively.

then she tried to feed it, much like a rabbit

she wants to keep it. It can sleep on the leaf. Because it didn't want to eat it. Who wouldn't want to sleep in their salad?


MagFly said...

Vi har hatt kålormkjæledyr i sommar. No er den ein puppe og ventar på å bli sommarfugl.

Wilma said...

Nice caterpillar picture. These things strip the leaves off of my parsley, but the butterflies are well worth it.


Leen said...

I would completely freak out if my litlle girl would bring that home!! I'm so scared of bugs! But i must admit, in a picture it looks beautiful ;-)

nice blog btw

suee said...

that's a very pretty caterpillar but yeah, i'd be freaked out too if anyone bring that home!

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