Thursday, July 30, 2009

unfrogged: Waving Lace socks

I started these socks in April 2007 for Project Spectrum, and finished the leg and heel of the first sock before it disappeared into the black hole that is my UFO basket. A year later I frogged it, except I didn't actually rip it, I just took out the needles and tossed the yarn and the half finished sock into another black hole, a.k.a. my sock yarn basket. Another year passed, and as I was looking for a new pattern for that green yarn, it seemed too stupid not to finish it. So I found some 2.5 mm needles that seemed right and ripped out the heel, because I didn't want to knit the other sock with silk yarn for reinforcement, and then proceeded to knit the heel again. Then I read my original post from way back when about these socks, and realised that the leg was actually knit with 1.5 mm needles. I didn't risk another frogging incident, so I switched to 2 mm for the instep, you know just to make sure it couldn't possibly come out great (and it didn't - it's a tad big - wearable, but the heel is too big and baggy). Then I knit the second sock on 2 mm needles, and it's perfect. Looks and fits great, and the fabric is nice and tight.

So this is just a reminder for myself: Fleece Artist, 2 mm needles, 64 stitches -> nice sock.

And if you wonder why I dropped the raw silk reinforcement, it's because I have tried it for another pair of socks that I have worn a lot, and I was not happy with it. My conclusion is that it doesn't work for me - I get holes in my socks no matter what, so I'll invest the extra work in darning rather than knitting with reinforcement yarn.


Pattern: Waving Lace sock from Favorite Socks

Yarn:Fleece Artist, Moss colourway

Started: 20 April 2007

Finished 29 July 2009

I really like the slip stitch heel:


Anonymous said...
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Felisi said...

Knallfine sokker! Jeg synes det mønsteret er så fint, og det gjorde seg jammen ekstra godt i den herlige grønnfargen!

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