Saturday, May 09, 2009


Cate is finished. I like it. It's flattering, it drapes well, and it's my favorite color. It was a fun knit, and it was even fun to seam it, because Kim Hargreaves' pattern is so thoroughly worked through, that the different pieces fit together like the pieces of a puzzle - it was fascinating. Pure perfection. I remember thinking the same when I seamed up Temptation, so I guess this is what she does. I'm definitely tempted to knit more Kim Hargreaves patterns

- pretty vintage rhinestone buttons from grandma's sewing box. I only had three, but found more in a vintage shop on etsy. The button holes are only a yarnover, but the buttons are still too small, and the yarn catches on the prongs that hold the rhinestones, so if I'm going to wear it buttoned up, I should probably change to different buttons. I probably won't, because I think they're charming. I'll try to crochet around the edges of the button holes to see if that helps.

- oops, different dye lots. The first skein was two years old, so I made sure to examine them closely, to avoid this exact problem :-( but I really didn't see it before I took this photo. It's only on the back, and like I said it only showed up in this overexposed photo, so I have decided to leave it like that.

- it has a round neckline - not the most flattering choice for me, so I'll probably wear it open, but great for skinny people. I love the 3/4 sleeves - I always pull my sleeves up to my elbows anyway, so maybe I should choose this length for all my future projects!

Pattern: Cate, from Thrown Together by Kim Hargreaves

Yarn: Duo Silke/Merino from Design Club dk, held double

Started 16 January 2009

Finished 7 May 2009

Modification: None


ArtMind said...

I love it, Marie! It looks great on you too. The color is great and I love how it drapes! I think it would fit me perfectly too! How long did this take you to finish?

Pinneguri said...

Og den ble nydelig, så flink du er som strikker sånne store ting - og blir ferdige med dem og så er de til og med vellykka!
Brunt er vakkert, helt enig.

Kan jeg spørre deg om det med rund hals. Hvis du skulle ha gjort noe annereledes, hva ville du ha forandre på den da?

Marie said...

jeg liker ikke rund hals, men jeg tror det er nødvendig her. Plagget er såpass stort og tungt at bærestykket må være helt hvis du skjønner, så jeg ville ikke tatt av bærestykket for å få en v-hals eller en vid rund hals.

MagFly said...

Ser veldig fin ut. Kanskje det inspirerer meg til å ta fram den brune jakka mi at?

Satsuki said...

Gorgeous ! I am a huge fan of Kim Hargreaves' patterns for the same reasons than you. It looks really great.

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