Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have frogged the gorgeous Cable Down sweater I started a couple of years ago with the beautiful cold greyish brown DK alpaca from SandnesGarn. I vaguely remember running into problems trying to reconcile the number of cable pattern repeats with my row gauge, which was quite a bit off, before abandoning the project. Faced with that math problem, and the weight I have gained in the past couple of years, I decided it was time to smell the coffee and find a more muffin top friendly pattern for that beautiful yarn. Enter Cate from Kim Hargreaves' Thrown Together. I frogged (tears in my eyes) the gorgeousness that was Cable Down, wound my yarn into hanks, soaked them, dried them, wound them into centerpull balls, did a lots of calculations and many false starts (because my gauge was off again), and started knitting at last. (It's the project in the photo). And it was perfect. Such a beautiful (cold!) color, such smooth stitches, such easy knitting, just wonderful.

Then I dropped by my LYS to buy more yarn. In the first shop I noticed something odd. Their DK alpaca color number 4081 was completely different from mine. Not different as in dye lot kind of different, but different as in completely different color kind of different. Different as in warm as opposed to cold kind of different . Very strange. They must have gotten a bad dye lot. Went to a different LYS, and found the same odd color, and now I started to worry. I e-mailed SandnesGarn, and got this brief reply: "Color number 4081 was altered a year ago. You're unlikely to find more of the old color".

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Couldn't they at least have given the new, and completely DIFFERENT, shade a new and, you know, completely DIFFERENT number!? And why do the alter a color? It really would be a whole lot easier for everyone if they would discontinue the old color, and introduce a NEW color. Then at least I could have a chance of finding it. I'm sure there's lots of online shops who actually have the old color in stock, but how can I possibly identify it when they don't change the bloody number???? Sorry for yelling, but I'm really frustrated now. Anyway, I have e-mailed them and politely thanked them for their prompt reply, and also (a-hem) shared my feelings on the subject.

But every cloud has a silver lining as they say. Now I don't have to have second thoughts about frogging the Cable Down sweater, because I wouldn't have had enough yarn for it anyway. Secondly, while manically rummaging through my stash yesterday looking for more cold brown alpaca (I found none) this forgotten beauty turned up instead:

100 grams of lovely cold brown silk-merino, which, if memory serves me correctly, knits up beautifully to a DK gauge when you hold it double.

I just have to do a bit of math to find out how much more yarn I need (how do I compare weight& yardage when one of the yarns is held double?), and then I have to buy another hank or two (hiding my face in the sand I'm sure that won't be a problem at all), and then I have to find a good project for my five balls of greyish brown alpaca.

Oh, and in case you wondered -I could of course have made Cate with the New Brown Sandnes Alpaca. But I don't want to.

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