Friday, January 23, 2009

etsy friday: artmind

Artmind is a wonderful etsy shop that sells felted necklaces, greeting cards and ceramic sculptures, and the artist behind it, Mitsy, is the sweetest person. She made these wonderful felted coasters as a custom order for me. They were a Christmas gift for my MIL who loved them, they were the perfect color for her living room.

Mitsy finished her great art project today, which consists of 99 ceramic matroshkas that symbolize 99 feelings. They're amazing, go take a look at all 99 in her blog, and some are also listed in her shop.

1 comment:

ArtMind said...

Marie, thanks so much for supporting my project here! I'm so glad I finished it. Actually, I think the last one should have been relieved.. ;)
Too bad I still have many claying plans for the future as I get very anxious to start knitting if I see all the things you post here. I need to learn to knit first though... ;)
Glad your MIL loved the coasters too and what a beautiful photo you took of them! Thanks so much.
Happy weekend to you! :)

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