Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It's a perfect fit and a perfect color. I love it.


  • Pattern Plissè by Hanne Falkenberg
  • Yarn: Hanne Falkenberg No. 2 Shetland, colorway Poppy
  • Started 1 July 2008
  • Finished 23 October 2008
  • Modifications: none
  • entries about this project
I didn't add a button, but will close it with this vintage bakelite brooch, which is an etsy find from nordicart

so, what's next?

I'm working on that red cardi for Nene, and making progress, but I lost the pattern, which obviously is a little set-back. Will attend to that problem later today.

I really want to make a chocolate brown Birch, because I wear one of my two other Birches almost every day instead of a scarf, so I could use a chocolate one to go with my winter coat.

But the one project I'm really itching to start, involves Falkenberg again, but only her yarn this time. About 500 years ago, when I had finished Mermaid and Ballerina I mentioned (well, actually I wrote a rather long post about it) that I would like to make a matching top for the Mermaid cardi, and Magfly kindly sent me the leftovers from her Mermaid, so I would have enough yarn. Now that I have two Falkenberg cardis (Mermaid+Plisse) that both use the same red colourway, this project is more tempting than ever. Except the math it involves, which is what I've been procrastinating about for so long. The idea was always to knit it sideways, and give it a shaped waist, much like the main features of mermaid. It is at precisely this point my project always stops, my brain just doesn't want to do the calculations involved. I've been thinking about using the W design that I have knit before, but that pattern is written for a chunky yarn and I'm not sure how well it would translate into a smaller gauge. Need to ponder a bit more, but with a calculator this time!


grendesign said...

Wuaw!! Det er den mest fantastisle og velsiddende Plissé jeg har set. Virkelig smuk!
:-) Britt

Janette said...

Maire, your Plisse is gorgeous. Love the colour!

The little cardigan for Nene is simply lovely too.

Sarah H said...

Bra jobba! jeg er imponert!

Jennie said...

Your jacket is beautiful!

Octopus Knits said...


amanda said...

Love, love, love your Plisse! It is absolutely gorgeous!

fluffbuff said...

It's fabulous! And that brooch is just perfect.

karen said...

That is truly beautiful! Fantastic red and fantastic fit.

KnitYoga said...

Gorgeous! Plisse is in my queue, too, and seeing yours makes me want to knit it NOW! :-)

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