Saturday, September 13, 2008

famous last words (and etsy friday)

Remember how I said I would pick up knitting again, and not let etsy take over my life this fall? Well, that good intention lasted for about two minutes. I’ve spent all my time lately doing a major overhaul of my shop photos, building up an inventory, buying supplies and generally trying to get ready for the mad holiday rush that I'm hoping for!. But I’m reaching a point where I feel I'm sort of in control now, so I can actually do other things too!, like finishing Plisse. I do manage to squeeze in a row or two now and then, and have started the skirt.I'm hoping to finish this weekend. Poshyarns asked in a comment if Falkenberg patterns are difficult to follow. I don’t think they are, but they require a bit of concentration, and some times the descriptions are, how shall I put it, a bit on the brief side. I’m Scandinavian and used to that style of pattern writing, so I don’t mind it, but if you read the Falkenberg knitalong blog you’ll soon discover that everybody else (or perhaps it's just the Americans) hate it, and spend a lot of time converting the patterns into spreadsheets.

In stead of spreadsheets for your knitting notes, might I suggest a handmade journal ( to give me an excuse to resurrect "etsy Friday"). I love handmade journals; how I wish I could think of anything interesting to write in them. My favorite one is this hand stitched (bound? I'm not sure of the correct terminology here), linen covered and beautifully decorated journal that I bought from paperiaarre from Finland.

Apparently paperiaarre means paper treasure, and it is indeed a treasure, just gorgous, and Kaija is such a sweet person - go check out her blog here. I really like her key and padlock journals too, but chose the pebbles one this time as I wasn't going to use it as a diary.

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Ulla said...

Totally agree with you on Falkenberg patterns. They have all the information needed and since they are usually errorfree, no need for spreadsheets or extrat work beyon a notebook unlike Ms Isager

I love your journal

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