Wednesday, July 09, 2008

knitting again

it's summer, so I'm knitting again - because there's nothing like suntan
lotion in your shetland wool! I have finished (!!!) Celtic, it's blocking as we speak, and I'm ready to start procrastinating about the finishing. In the meantime I have started Plissè. I've had the kit for over a year, so I was developing quite an itch to get it started. It's my third Hanne Falkenberg project, but the same poppy colour I always choose - I just can't resist it. The construction is unusual - as usual with Falkenberg. You start knitting a narrow band that is the middle of the back, and pick up stitches from there, and then knit upper front, back and sleeve at once.

this is middle back:

and these shots shows it folded over - what you see here is the left half of the upper body, back and front. From this point you start decreasing your way into a sleeve.

this is what it's going to be. Plissè means pleated, and you can see why it got that name.

sorry about the lack of links, but I'm on vacation and blogging with a desperately slow dial-up, so this post took the better part of my evening! The previous Falkenberg projects I referred to can be found in my 2005 and 2006 FOs in the sidebar if you're interested.


lise said...

Så flott den blir!

Ulla said...

Nice! Such a happy color

KnitYoga said...

So glad to see you've once again found your knitting mojo! :-) Plisse is a lovely design and is in my queue, too, so I'm keen to follow your progress. I love working on projects with a construction a bit different from the norm as it makes the knitting so much more interesting and I don't blame you for always choosing that poppy shade. It's really nice. I can't wait to see your Celtic, too, when it's ready to show!

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