Sunday, April 13, 2008

a brand new heirloom

Babystepping my way back to blogging,
I give you the post that I didn't write on Christmas day,
about a very special Christmas gift that Nene (4) got.

I wrote a post before about the Norwegian bunad
and one about the little bunad that is our family heirloom. Nene won't be wearing that bunad (but her cousin uses it), because her grandmother made her an heirloom of her own: A tiny bunad from our region (Rogaland), handmade by grandmother, an exact replica of the adult bunad from our region. Grandmother did both the embroidery and the tailoring. She has a bunad herself that her (late) mother made for her. She took the bonnet from that bunad and turned into the purse that Nene
wears in her belt, so her great grandmother had a hand in this too.

The shirt isn't really supposed to be worn nonchalantly
open like Nene does, but she was sick two minutes before these pictures were taken, and I thought she would be more comfortable (less likely to puke) this way.

The Rogaland bunad features a shawl and a bonnet too,
that grandma didn't make because she didn't think Nene
would want to wear them. But the bonnet was the first
thing she asked for when she received the bunad, so I
guess it's back to the embroidery floss for grandma!


kris said...

oh wow, what a gift! truly stunning. also, nene sure looks energetic for someone who just puked ;-)

nicoleleeartistry said...

wow! what detailing went into that outfit! Just lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Ursula said...

Beautiful handiwork! Excellent adaptation.

nurhanne said...

What a wonderful gift - and so nice to see the traditional crafts are still alive.

Heather said...

Beautiful! and Nene looks like she is enjoying it!

BooBoo said...

Beautiful! I am sure Nene will treasure it always.

solje said...

How wonderful! And it appears that she loves it so much too! Is that her first solje as well? I love traditions :-)

KnitYoga said...

Oh, my goodness, that embroidery is just amazing! Really, it's to die for!!! Such gorgeous vibrant colours, too. Nene looks lovely in the bunad. She's really growing up!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! After my trip to Norway, I looked up your post on the Bunad as I saw them there. Thank you for sharing this - it's gorgeous. Nene is one lucky girl!

vanessa said...

what a treasure!

ArtMind said...

What craftmanship! Looks terrific and I love the story & traditions.
Thanks for sharing.

Siri said...

She looks so pretty in it, and it's wonderful how both bunads have "recycled" parts from other women's clothing who have come before them.
It looks like it has some growing room so she'll be able to wear it for some years to come.
We'll be going to Seattle next month for the 17th of May parade that they have there. I haven't been to it since I was a little girl.
My mom, who I'm sure will be wearing her bunad, is so looking forward to having all of her children and grandchildren together there on that day.

Rippedoffknitter said...

Så nydelig, og så mye arbeid og omtanke! Håper den passer lenge!

Beth S. said...

Oh my goodness, that is handmade? Hand-embroidered? What a lucky girl your daughter is! :-)

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