Monday, October 22, 2007

awake again!

I'm out of the garter stitch coma, regular knitting will resume any time now and you might expect actual knitting content again on this blog.

I have finished my Very Big Shawl, and as you can see, it's huge. And it's basically garter stitch. The yarn is thin. So are the needles. I'm exhausted.

I started this shawl last September, mostly to try out the colours and get the startitis out of my system, so I put it away after a few rows. I picked it up again this summer, and save a few weeks in July have been working on nothing else since then (except my brand new etsy shop, which I must admit has stolen a lot of time that could have been spent knitting. I can't blame the slow progress on thin needles alone).

Sorry about the lame pose, and complete lack of pictures of myself elegantly draping the shawl over this shoulder and then over that shoulder, but it's that time of year again, when the light is low and pictures must be taken in a five minute space between work and supper. Besides I'm not all that elegant anyway.

Here's the spec:
Pattern: Wings 3 from Shadow Knitting by Vivan Høxbro
Yarn: Isager Tvinni
Needles: 2 mm addi turbo
I'm sorry to report that the addi turbo didn't make it through this ordeal. The strain was too big. They are completely bent out of shape, and there's fraying at the join. RIP.
Started September 2006
Finished 17 October 2007


Hilde C. said...

Wow! Et så stort arbeid på 2 mm pinner er imponerende - og det er jammen et kjempeflott sjal du har strikket :)

fluffbuff said...

It's gorgeous!

KnitYoga said...

I admire your tenacity getting through all that amount of garter stitch on such fine needles! It's lovely though and what a wonderful rich colour! Poor Addi Turbo! :-( Loving your jewellery! :-)

nicole said...

I very much love this shawl. The simplicity of the garter, the interest of the "shadow" pattern, the cool colours.

It's a wonderful alternative to lacy shawls, which are nice, but not as wearable as this is.

Congratulations on getting through it all.

karen said...

they sure paid off - all those garter rows - it is just one absolutely fantastic shawl - one of a kind!

Beth S. said...

What a gorgeous, colorful shawl! And hooray for garter stitch--it's so under-appreciated! :-)

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