Friday, September 07, 2007

Etsy Friday: Prints

I bought these from the etsy shop called Badbird.The photo is clickable. The bird print is called Angry Bird. It just cracks me up, look at that face - if looks could kill! I bought both prints as a treat for myself, but Nene (3) claimed the Flopsy print for her room. Which upon reflection wasn't a bad thing. Why not give a child something interesting and a bit more challenging than the cute and boring teddy and bunny stuff that is usually offered to kids. Etsy is full of great artists that offer prints at reasonable prices. Actually, they offer their prints at ridiculously low prices, but that's another story. Here are some that I'm considering buying for Nene:

From the top: Little Belle Hugs Boo Pink by Belleandboo, My Imaginary Friend by peachpops, Dressing Up by amyleong and Dear Friend by teresebast .

1 comment:

aija said...

I love badbird! I so want the "snail of fury" print, it cracks me up :)

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