Friday, September 21, 2007

Etsy Friday: Pendants

The jewellery category on Etsy is huge. I have bought a few pendants.

"Little Kingyo" pendant from Tatsuko, who blogs here. Japanese chiyogami paper on layers of polymer clay. I have some sponge coral beads that would look good with this, so I might make a necklace. I have seen some almost identical pendants around etsy, that cost less, but I thought this one looked nicer in the pictures. When I saw it in person I knew I made the right choice, because the craftmanship is superb.

"Hey, Wait Up", soldered pendant by Arete. When the jump rings are placed at the corners like this, it makes the pendant stay nicely in place, and it gives the necklace a more finished look. I love this pendant, and it looks great on the oxidised chain.

"Tweeter" polymer clay pendant by bethanycooper - so cute, I love the colours, and the little bird is so detailed - look at that face!

"Birdie" pendant by The Artful Garden by Rebecca, decoupaged paper on polymer clay. Yet another bird pendant, you'd think I had a thing for birds! I love the sixties style picture, and the colours. I bough this to go with the cute chocolate&pink ballet flats I bought this summer. I wear the flats and the pendant with a chocolate skirt and chocolate shirt and pink cardigan - it's my first pink piece of clothing since I was a baby! I have discovered that if only I use chocolate brown as the main colour, I can get away with a lot of colours that I used to think were not for me, such as turquoise, baby blue, pink and red. They all look really good with chocolate, as does chartreuse.


orata said...

Thanks for posting these--they're lovely! Sometimes navigating Etsy is such a drag, so I like having hand-picked items beyond just the front page sellers.

aija said...

Awesome finds! I love simple pendants on chains myself-- Tatsuko's a favorite of mine (love the taiko category).

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