Friday, August 31, 2007

Etsy Friday: Bags

I have been drooling over the stuff presented in aija's Etsy Friday posts these past few months, and was thinking of doing some myself when last Friday she asked people to do exactly that. So here we go. Every Friday I will post about wonderful hand crafted stuff I have seen or bought on etsy. (Actually, I might move Friday to Saturday or Wednesday because I still want to do Eye Candy Friday). I hesitated for a brief second thinking that I don't want my blog to be a place that promotes shopping and consumerism, but the thing is, I view shopping on etsy as the anti thesis to consumerism, as it helps independent artisans make a living, and counters mass production. I have spent a lot of time browsing etsy lately, and the selection of creative, beautiful, bizarre, ingenious, practical, ornamental, modern, vintage etc hand crafted items is mind blowing. I have made a vow that from now on, if I need something, I will always look for it on etsy first.

So with that in mind I proceeded to make a purchase that strictly speaking I didn't need at all (seriously ladies, who needs a new bag?), but it had very quickly turned into a must.This bag by tortillagirl is the most perfect bag - for me - that I have ever come across. It has butterflies and beautiful Japanese cherry twigs, those are my favorite things, it has the most beautiful combination of colours, it is a shoulder bag but small enough to be carried as a clutch. It's girly and cute, but the strap and interior is denim, which makes it a bit less girly, and the craftmanship is superb. The day after I bought this she listed the same purse in a neutral colour. I swear I had to sit on my credit card until someone else came to my rescue and bought it. It wasn't until many days later that I realised that tortillagirl is the knit blogger Fluffa! whose blog I used to read, but somehow it disappeared from my bloglines.

Inside the bag you get a peek of my little elephant pouch that I bought from simbiosis by julia. It's a very simple, very cute zippered pouch. I use it to carry my essentials, like cell phone, lipstick, credit card, keys etc. It's a bag-in-bag solution that allows me to move all that essential stuff from one bag to another in one swift, time saving move. Smart, yes?
One second later you can see it tucked into one of the pockets of my new laptop tote bag from Janine King Designs. Janine King offers a wide range of seriously cool lap top cases and totes that don't look like lap top cases at all. Again, the craftmanship is superb.


Becky said...

Thank you so much for the kind mention and compliments. The butterflies have flown to a good home!

I'd also like to thank you for supporting indie artists the way you do and for helping us get our work out there. I've done design work for large companies under their own label and felt anonymous because the end user of my designs doesn't know I'm the creator. While it's harder to get our stuff out there when we do it independently, I appreciate that the end user knows I'm the one who created the item!

And that's the end of my blabby comment :-)

-Becky/Fluffa/Tortilla Girl

aija said...

My goodness, I love the elephant fabric on the inside of your zippy!!

Hilde said...

hei marie, stoffet på pc vesken din er skikkelig stilig. Det var et av dem jeg la merke til da jeg på mysitisk vis nettopp kom inn på janineking sin side på etsy.. (og jeg hadde sett sommerfuglvesken din før. tok det bare ikke igjen. Nydelig :-)

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