Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer Knit Report

I'm still here, and still knitting, but blogging has been neglected in favour of Ravelry and my other new toy.

My plan for the red-black-metallic months of Project Spectrum was to finish my red shadowknit shawl by the end of June. Haha. Despite my best efforts to get out of the black hole of a gazillion garter stitches it's still only 1/3 done a month after it was supposed to be finished. In retrospect i have to ackowledge that it's a Very Big Shawl, all garter stitch, lace weight yarn and 2 mm neeedles, so I guess I should have seen the Garter Stitch Coma coming.

In desperation I turned my attention to Celtic, and have almost finished all parts except the sleeves.

But then I figured it was time for a quich FO, so I picked up my Sand Ridge socks (they were my February Project Spectrum project) with the intent of finishing them in the course of a half week. That was 3 weeks ago. They will be renamed Trial and Error socks. More about that in a separate post, but here's a progress shot.

Sorry about the lack of links, but I'm on vacation and blogging on a slow dial-up so couldn't be bothered!
And here are some shots for the last two days of red, black and metallic:


Beth S. said...

Garter stitch coma, ha! :-) I love garter stitch, but I still know exactly what you mean. ;-)

Jodi said...

Fabulous red/black/metallic photos! I didn't get into this round of project spectrum for some reason.

Celtic is looking great.

Sheila said...

Glad to see you working on Celtic! I've abandoned mine... new projects have interested my and I just couldn't get the stitch pattern correct. I can't wait to see the finished sweater.

Hilde said...

fine bilder! Visst'ikkje at de hadde sebra på sørlandet..

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