Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Some of this and some of that

1. Lilacs from my garden - I've been waiting many years for these.
2. I received a commission for a doll's dress: "Mommy, the Doll (yes, that's her name) needs a dress. A pink dress. And yellow. And green. And blue." It made me wonder if she knew about the two balls of Katia Jamaica I had stashed away with the intention of saving them for something special. Anyway, I decided that it's not so bad to use a good yarn for a doll's dress, because it makes the knitting tolerable. I believe the what's-in-it-for-me-factor is essential when knitting out of duty.
3. New knitting books
I'm becoming increasingly picky about my knitting books, and if they're just good, but not great, I sell them. So I've gotten rid of Yarnplay, Lace Style and Vintage socks (yes, I know, I'm weird). Here are a few new ones I'm keeping:

The natural knitter is a lovely book about all kinds of natural fibres. It has a pattern for each type of fibre, and some of them are quite plain. There's a sweater by Norah Gaughan I might want to try, and a pair of mittens, but it's not the patterns that draws me to it. I can't quite put my finger on it, it's just a lovely and inspiring book, and there are also sections on small independent yarn manufacturers.
Poems of colour tells the story of Bohus knitting, and there's a section of original Bohus patterns. Fabulous! I'm definitely going to knit a Bohus in the next year or two, and with this book I think I might be able to sub the yarn and work a bit with the shaping - I just prefer the freedom of a book compared to a kit. You need a thin and sligthly fuzzy yarn for Bohus, and it must be available in an extensive range of colours. Isagers Tvinni Alpaca is the only one I can think of right now that fits the bill, and it just so happens that I have four colours from other projects in my stash, so I might try to work with what I have.

Hønsefødder & gulerødder is a Danish book with really good patterns for kids. Simple, wearable, everyday styles, with a minimum of decoration. The selling point for me is that all the patterns are written for Isager yarns, which means I can use my Isager, Duo and Falkenberg leftovers for the patterns in the book. Perfect! I don't have a scanner, but took some photos from the book to show you. I particularly loved the almost direct transfer of peppers from table top to to knit wear:

4. My friend Eli gave me a challenge. For her birthday she would like me to make her a necklace. But she absolutely hates the weigth of a necklace round her neck, it gives her the creeps, so it has to be very light, and the weight must be evenly distributed. I hope she'll be able to wear one of these:

5. Fibery eye candy - my Hanne Falkenberg kit arrived - poppy red lovelyness:

6. Grandma Flea tagged me for the 7 random facts about me meme. I've had a hard coming up with seven facts, but here we go:

1) I'm pretty sure I suffer from Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. It has been the source of much frustration, and a health problem has followed in its wake
2) I rode my bike to work for the first time ever today (:proud:) and loved it. Very surprising, considering I'm not an outdoorsy type.
3) I used to draw, all the time, from early childhood, through my teens and into my early twenties, on every available scrap of paper I could find. And then I stopped. But I didn't realise I had stopped until years later. I tried to pick it up again, but was disgusted when I couldn't even capture the shape of the coffee mug in front of me on paper.
4) I was in a choir when I was a teen ager, but didn't sing, because I thought I couldn't sing. I was very surprised when a friend who is a singer overheard me singing lullabys for Nene a couple of months ago and told she me thought I sing well.
5) Perhaps it was all the hours of baby singing that finally paid off. We have been going to parent&child singing sessions since Nene was two months old.
6) BF and I used to do amateur dramatics. He was an actor, and I was the prompt. I was a fun hobby, but too time consuming for new parents, so we gave it up (in favour of baby singing!)
7) I was an adult before I realised that rule of not accepting candy from strangers perhaps didn't have its base in my mom's absolute ban on sugar in our house.


Janette said...

Thanks for sharing a little of yourself with us Marie.

The lilacs are beautiful and the dolls dress is so cute.

The new knitting books look great, especially the children's book.

The necklaces for your friend are gorgeous. You are so talented.

Wow, the red is stunning for Plisse! My kit arrived today and I'm swatching for it now. Somehow I don't think I will get this knitted this winter, but I'll make a good start.

hege said...

I love the lilacs, it's the best scent in the world! With lily of the valley of course. :) I am very picky about my books, too. Not many of the new ones coming out are all that interesting to me, and I bought Lace Style but returned it. I like the more historical books like Bohus Knitting. I have read it several times now and dream of making many of those beauties.

Francesca said...

That alpaca laceweight looks lovely and I am really curious as to how it will perform with the Bohus project. I would love to find an alternative to the original merino/angora yarn that is currently sold only in kits. Please do tell how it works for you and show pics of WIP. :)

Beth S. said...

I like the idea of using alpaca for the Bohus knitting. It'll give you a nice bit of a halo, but won't make you sneeze! ;-)

The red is heavenly. I do love that shade!

karen said...

Never heard of Bohus knitting before - thanks for drawing attention to it - love those sweaters! Your candy-from-strangers assumption had me laugh so hard - that is hilarious! Sounds like your mum was just as anti-sugar-fundamentalistic as mine! ;-)

Tipper said...

Fairy Hare yarn - http://www.fairyhare.com/ - was created specifically with Bohus sweaters in mind. Kimmet Croft (the manufacturer) sells Bohus kits for the patterns in the Poems of Color book. Gorgeous stuff!

Grandma Flea said...

I love the Bohus book - I borrow it from our Guild library and would love to knit something from it, but don't even contemplate it as I know I would not be able to achieve the result I'd like. I look forward to seeing your finished product. Thanks for doing the meme - it is hard coming up with things to say, but you did well - I enjoyed the insights into your life.

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