Friday, May 11, 2007

Does anyone know this sweater?

I want to knit this sweater, but I saw it in a closed LYS in another town, so all I have is this lousy picture, and no information about it. The yarn looks like aran weight or so, and the sweater has a quite chunky cable down the front that splits in three. I asked about in a Norwegian forum and was told that it is probably a Schackenmayr Nomotta pattern. I'm guessing it's from a pattern book from this Winter or Fall, because I saw it in early April.

Does anyone happen to recognise it? Or are you able to identify the yarn?

2 comments: said...

Hi Marie,

It's Schachenmayr Nomotta pattern from leaflet number 353. The sweater is knitted in Dover. The pattern is in on page 2 and nummberd as 35302. I just picked up the leaflet from my lys today during nattåpen.


blåggdama said...

Nå var du heldig :)

Vakker jakke, ja!

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