Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lazy Advent Sunday

We have been sick this weekend, all three of us, so plans were cancelled and nothing much accomplished. I had set 1st December as the latest possible date to start my Christmas knitting. I started today instead, and knit for an hour. Then I got a request, which promptly led me to start another project. Full story in three weeks on the first, and a couple of days on the second. Nene, however, did do some Christmas - eh - knitting. She is beginning to understand the concept of gift giving and receiving, and decided to knit an orange scarf for Daddy. I bet he would have loved it, except it's not to be. She soon decided that he would probably like a centre pull ball wound by her better. I don't know where she got the peculiar idea that Daddy is the one who wants yarn for Christmas.

We did manage to get the advent calendar ready before we got sick, and then dug into the contents of the box of advent stuff that I keep stored away. It has all kinds of interesting things for a little girl: Books about Christmas, CDs, candles, and last but not least the nativity set, which is almost complete for the first time this year. It's a really nice nativity set, and I found it hard to be relaxed about it when Nene wanted to have the shepherds visit the princesses in her Lego castle. She has been reading her advent books today, and I have been reading the book in front by Kristin Solli Schøyen, which tells the story of our holidays and traditions from a cultural historical perspective. I love that kind of stuff, and read it every time there's a holiday season coming. For instance she writes about how many Christmas preparation tasks had an assigned day, and why. The 25th November was candle making day. I didn't exactly make my own candles, but I did go to some trouble to find the really tall laquered candles I prefer, and the advent calendar candle.

Nene's advent calendar is very simple this year, just gifts in purple wrapping hung from a broom stick in the window. For next year I have commissioned a beautiful quilted one from the talented Smileull, whose blog I've been reading for a long time. We were discussing fabrics and quilt shops when we realised that our grandparents came from the same farm. Not the same place, but the same farm. A really tiny farm. I thought that was such an unbelievable coincidence.

The calendar gift today was supposed to be a concert, but obviously we couldn't go, so trying to console Nene I bumped up one special gift by a couple of weeks: Pink crocs for her monkey, just like her own crocs. Aren't they cute!

In knitting news there's not so much to say. I wanted to finish the Claudia cardi before I started my Christmas knitting, but had to rip out one of the front pieces entirely. So I have one front and the back done, and started a sleeve to keep as my easy knitting in December. I don't expect to be able to work on it for the next couple of weeks. Can you see the stitch holder at the bottom of the back piece? It holds the stitches that were cut when Nene decided she needed to study how scissors work a while ago.


HPNY Knits said...

great pix. budding knitter (or fiber junkie...) crocks for the doll, and ouch! cutting the knitting!
I love how the cables create shaping in the cardi.

Janette said...

Hi Marie
So sorry to hear all have been unwell. Wishing you all a very speedy recovery.
Your Christmas stories are lovely, with so much tradition. That's what is missing in Australia. Perhaps because it is such a hot country for the Christmas season, I don't know.
Still, we enjoy this time of year so much, especially when there is children involved.
Nene is growing so. It's so wonderful when they want to learn something new, even if it is only wool winding.
Merry Christmas.

Poshyarns said...

Oh such cute crocs! Great to see them being indoctrinated into the world of yarn so early. Well done Nene.

Hope you are all fully recovered now and catching up on everything.

Hilde said...

hei nå sitter jeg hjemme på Stokka og leser bloggen din, akkurat som om jeg var i Sogn. Er det ikke ironisk? Jeg ville ringe, men tenkte at det kanskje var litt sent.. Det var uansett kjekt å bli oppdatert på bloggen din, det er en stund siden. Nydelige bilder fra Sørlandet, fra adventstiden og alt. Du gjør det så skikkelig!! Beundrende hilsen fra Hilde

terri said...

I'm loving all your holiday pics. My daughter, who just turned 6, also had a hard time keeping her hands off the Nativity set. She accidentally broke Mary's outstretched hand, and cried so hard. Nothing a little glue couldn't fix. I didn't particularly like out set, it's just white bisque with some gold painted trim, but now it's precious because Heather worried that Mary would be mad at her. "No honey, Mary's a Mom, too. She knows things like that happen."

Anonymous said...

I was searching for Advent calendar candles and your blog came up. I was wondering, where did you get your candle?

you have beautiful pictures on your blog!

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