Friday, November 10, 2006

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

I haven't blogged for ages, but I have been knitting, but still don't have much knitting to show!

I want to show you a wonderful gift I received a couple of weeks ago, when my friend Hilde came to visit. She had just come back from art classes in Spain, and was full of motivation & entusiasm and made a series of prints, and gave me the one shown in the picture. I think it's really good, it's hard to believe she's not professional! She has a photo blog too.

When Hilde was here we went to see the knitting opera Odysseus Unwound, which sounds completely weird, but it was very good. We both loved it, the music, the dramaturgy, and it was really interesting from a knitter's point of view too. They used the Print o the Wave pattern as a symbol on all the written material, there were five shetland knitters knitting on stage, their technical skills unbelievable, and they all wore the oldfashioned knitting belts that I had just read about in Hege's blog.

My 16 hours on the train were spent knitting the left front of Claudia and reading two books. Most commenters felt I should start a new shawl, but I don't really suffer from startitis these days, I'd much rather finish something! My other priority has been Ofelia, sorry no progress pictures of either cardi, I forgot and it's too dark now. I do however have some photos to document my first attempts at beading. The first picture is a doublestranded necklace for Nene with one strand of vintage beads and one strand of pink catseye beads. I bought a bag of 10 shell hearts intending to use one of them for this necklace (in a less-is-more kind of way), but Nene wanted all ten. We settled for three, because that's her age, and also it's one for mommy, one for daddy, one for Nene.

For the second necklace I took a traditional one strand tapered necklace that my mother had when she was young. I rearranged the glass beads, added new beads and made it multistranded. I'm not sure I'm going to keep it this way, but it was fun to play with, and I might play some more with the same beads.

The last three pictures show a necklace with beads of bone and nuts, and a pair of ear rings made to match a necklace I haven't made yet, both in my favorite colour combination of blue-brown.


hege said...

Beautful print and beautiful beads! I love the blue/brown combination, too. And I am very excited to see the links to! Wonderful designs, so stylish and modern. I can't wait to see yours. And how cool that the Odysseus Unwound came to Stavanger, it sounds like a really interesting perfomance.

Hilde said...

Jeg går nå rundt og varmer meg med en turkis klematis el hva det var, så det fins jo flere talentfulle folk i verden..

Takk for link til photoblogs forresten, den var kjempefin. Kom på det når jeg leste om bøkene dine, at et nettsted jeg kan anbefale for alle (anglofile) litteraturelskere er nettstedet til Times Literary Supplement (TLS), Må innrømme at til nå har jeg kun kjøpt en bok der, tom uten å ha lest den, men både nettstedet og boken virker veldig lovende, ("Barcelona Plates" a Alexei Sayle, kjent komiker i England;,,,21969-2375318.html)

Prinsippet er at du deltar i diskusjonen etter å ha kjøpt (og lest!) boken, de beste bidragene blir trykket i avisa Times.

Nydelige smykker, også Marie!!

Marie said...

klematis, clapotis - what's in a name!

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