Monday, October 23, 2006

Bright colours, grey beach

Nene's new hat with the five pompoms has caused her a bit of confusion. Pompon in Norwegian is dusk which rhymes with busk, which means bush. I told her I was knitting her a hat with dusker, but when she saw it she wanted to know where I hid the bushes. She wore it on a rainy walk on the beach yesterday, and it helped brighten up a grey day!

The hat pattern is taken from a series of eight colourful hats in Sandnesgarn's hat book. I kept the original colours and the shape, but stupidly changed from a very simple stranded pattern, to three big intarsia flowers. They came out really bad, and are best viewed from a plane. I have tried to pick some photos were the flowers are obsured by the pompoms!! I also changed the edge from stranded pattern to garter stitch ridges in the four pattern colours. The idea was to make a matching scarf (scroll down), and use a design element from the scarf on the hat to make them go well together.

Nene loved chasing the waves, be chased by the waves, and study the washed up sea weeds. It started pouring down, and as she was the only one dressed for bad weather, we took refuge in the beach hotel cafe and had a piece of apple cake.

When we came home I finished her scarf. The pattern is Kristin Nichols' Bright Stripes from Scarf Style, but half the size to fit a child. I made it appr. 90 cm instead of 165, and knit five garted stitch stripes instead of eight. I made six pompoms instead of 10, but thank god I have a pompom maker, or I would have cried in desperation!


Pattern: Hats book by SandnesGarn
Yarn: Smart Superwash by SandnesGarn
Started: 18 October 2006
Finished: 21 October 2006

Pattern: Brights Stripes by Kristin Nichols/Scarf Style
Yarn: Smart by SandnesGarn
Started: 19 October 2006
Finished: 22 October 2006


HPNY Knits said...

Bright colours, grey beach- perfect balance!

Fríða said...

beautiful, beautiful colours for kids, I hate it when small children are dressed in dull colours! your little girl is adorable!
hilsen fra Island

KnitYoga said...

Oh, the hat and scarf are lovely! So colourful! Nene looks a picture in the hat!

halaisa said...

Dette var jemmen farger til å bli i godt humør av!

Poshyarns said...

The hat and scarf look great, I love to see such hot colours on a cool day, they are perfect for her.

Inger said...

Veldig fint,- heldige Nene. Synd at jeg er blitt for gammel til denslags selv , men hva med å strikke noe sånt til "tinglene" til jul ( de har mer enn nok av leker)

Trinemor said...

Jeg er imponert over bloggen din! Masse flott håndarbeide, og artige artikler. Stå på!

joy said...

The hat, scarf, and the little one are just too cute! I love those colors together.

strikkeforsker said...

Absolutely gorgeous, I get happy just looking at the pretty colours.

karen said...

simply adorable! - the hat, the scarf and beyond all - the girl!!

hege said...

I love the colors, just what you need a gray day. And the hat and scarf look so good with that jacket!

Kirsten said...

Both the child and the hat are adorable!! I agree with hpny knits, the contrast of the bright colors with the grey beach is fabulous.

Hope you had a wonderful 16 hours of train knitting. I agree with you, I'd much rather take the train than fly.

I was in Oslo in the summer, but didn't manage to find the yarn stores. My family wasn't patient enough anyway!!

Marie said...

Such an adorable hat (and boy)! I love the contrast between the hat and the beach. Absolutely wonderful!

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