Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Karen Noe shetland wool. Ombre. I carelessly described it as variegated in a previous post, and I assumed it was selfstriping. When I wound it I realised each colour section is very long, and there's only one of each. I was a bit nonplussed by this discovery, I still like it but how can I use it to make the most of the long stretches of colour?

(I suppose the word "ombre" on the label might have told me this in advance if I had bothered to look it up. I don't know. I still haven't looked it up!)

A couple of days ago I came across a gorgeous scarf in progress at Maria's blog, and they yarn she's using is similar to mine. Turns out it's Karen Baumer's Multidirectional Diagonal scarf from 2003. It's perfect for my yarn. I cast on immediately, and now I am completely obsessed with it.

Most knitters seem to agree that the garter stitch scarf is the most appropriate beginner's project.

Not so for me. My first project was a
sweater with a (simple, I admit!) fair isle yoke. For years I would only knit sweaters. When I picked up knitting again in 2003 I focused on baby stuff, but it was still only sweaters and cardis, and the first few were all fair isle. Later I moved on to cables and lace. Socks was a first for me this Spring.

But I have never knitted a scarf. The chicken thing in the previous post was my first scarf ever. And now the Multidirectional scarf - my first garter stitch scarf!!!

I have to wonder though, where do I go from here? Squares? Swatches? Stop knitting? Just joking. It's not regression of course. This is comfort knitting. Zen knitting. Enjoying the process!


Janette said...

Love that yarn and the way it is knitting up in the scarf. The colours are beautiful!

bitterknitter said...

Your first garter stitch scarf is beautiful! I wish I had known to start with a brain didn't register the fact that purling even existed until I had been knitting (garter stitch scarves) for 2 years and I found a book on knitting!

Cassie said...

I didn't start with sweaters, I started with socks and then moved onto lace - and everyone is always surprised that I'm so inexperienced with sweaters - because they consider them easier.

Comfort knitting is comfort knitting, not regression (as you said). The scarf is beautiful, enjoy it!

Beth S. said...

Oh my goodness, that's lovely. Like it was meant to be, even!

I want to sit there by the sea, with a coffee in that pretty mug, and knit that scarf. Comfort knitting is exactly what that is, and we all need some comfort now and then. :-)

Artis-Anne said...

Oh I love the way the pattern shows off your yarn to perfection. I have been meaning to do that scarf for ages but I was scarfed !! out last year when I made over 20 for Xmas gifts all different

Maria said...

Den ser jättefin ut! Färgerna är helt underbara. Jag har beställt ett par nystan av detta garn i en annan färg som också skall bli en halsduk, men en annan modell är den jag stickar nu. Jag bara längtar till den kommer fram till min brevlåda.
Ha det bra!

karen said...

that's a perfect pattern for that yarn! so soothing for the eye!

Hilde said...

hei marie jeg tror ombre betyr "skygge" gir det mening? Skal spise frokost nå, har det kjempefint (se bloggen min for bilder)

Supernøtt said...

Nå fikk jeg også lyst til å lage et sånt. Hurra for bloggrunder og inspirasjonen som smitter så lett :-D

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