Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How to maximise expenses on leftover projects

1. Find an old Dale Baby Book and a ball of leftover Baby Silk to knit small chicken scarf, and pride yourself on the frugality of your project
2. Run out of leftover yarn
3. Not wanting to quit the project, you do your math and buy two more balls of Baby Silk
4. Accidentally throw pattern book away while performing 27 Fling Boogie
5. Still not wanting to drop your project you buy a new book and two balls of Dale Baby Ull you don't need, because they won't let you buy the book if you don't buy yarn
6. At the same time buy small bag of 275 wooden beads for the eyes, because it wasn't possible to buy only two.
7. Finish project and find yourself left with more surplus yarn than you started with. In fact there's an entire ball that hasn't even been started.

Here's a picture of what would have been the entire leftovers if I hadn't bought that extra ball:

8. Briefly consider driving the 2 x 30 km to the LYS where you got it in the first place to get your money back. Decide that would be a waste of gas, besides you would probably not be able to leave said LYS without loads of new Karen Noe yarn.
9. Those are very good points. Pride yourself on your environmentally minded, frugal and stash diet friendly decision.
10. Nevertheless decide that the virtues of knitting from stash are grossly overrated.

There are some crocheted details on the scarf. I did them, but don't want to talk about it. BF found it very amusing that I spent Sunday evening crocheting chicken's feet. Nene doesn't look to impressed with the crocheted parts either, but she approved of her new scarf:


Pattern: Dale Baby Book 139
Yarn: Baby Silk (baby alpaca and silk blend) from Du Store Alpakka
Started: 13 August 2006
Finished: 10 September 2006


Steph said...

So cute!!!

Julie said...

It sounds like it was a lot of trouble, but it is really very cute!

Emma said...

It's wonderful ! A very funny post,not least because it confirms my suspicions. Knitting from stash can be frought with danger ! Buy more yarn !
Nene is beautiful and wears her chicken well.

Janette said...

Oh it's gorgeous! Nene looks so pleased.

laptitelili said...

Haha, very funny, I have done the same experience too ^_^

Seahorse said...

Great post!

At least the result was worth it :)

halaisa said...

Hehe jeg hadde virkelig sanen for 27 Fling Boogien! Synd den var litt for effektiv!
Denne posten synes jeg er beviset på at det det er lenge siden det var økonomisk å lage ting selv.Men guri meg så morro det er!!

Kirsten said...

That is so cute. She looks so happy with it in the photos! Adorable!!

Artis-Anne said...

This post made me laugh , been there , done that LOL But she does look so cute in it and for that alone its worth it.

Kath said...

I just love the thought of a chicken scarf! And it looks great too - Nene is so lovely, how old is she?

Marie said...

thanks! She will be three in October.

Lottemor said...

Nydelig skjerf... Sånn vil jeg og lage. Men ser litt for avansert ut for meg med all den pynten på... tihi.

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