Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Filling empty boxes

My stash sale last week wasn't all about reduction, it was about replacement too. So my empty stash boxes are starting to fill up again!

I sold the red koigu I was biting my nails over this Spring, and replaced it with Rowan Cashsoft DK in the Poppy colourway. And this time I got it right. I have been searching forever, but I think I have found the perfect red now. I'm going to use it for a simple, fitted scooped neck sweater, that I'm going to name Hot Tomato. No picture to show, as I'm going to make it up as I go along. One added benefit of using a DK yarn is that I can take a template pattern from 1000 Sweaters.

But what started my stash sale was casting on for the Wings shawl last week and realise that, despite loving the colours, I hated them combined. The red and purple together reminded me of a sports sweater from the seventies. I knew what was wrong. For shadow knitting you need a light-dark contrast, but both my colours were dark. If I wanted a shawl just like the one in the book, I would have to replace the red with a lighter more orangey red, and keep the purple. But I love that red, so that was just not going to happen.
So this time, instead of choosing by intuition, I sat down with my shade cards and used my brain. Heck, I may even have swatched a little. And my solution in the end was to replace the beautiful dark purple I liked so much, with a light orangey red, one that I really don't like!, and what do you know! It works!

The third new yarn in my stash box is more brown Duo silk/merino. For me this time. It's intended for a sweater or cardi, but I have a hard time choosing one. I bought the pattern for Ofelia, but I'm not sure I'll be using it. If I hold the yarn double I can use it for the Turbulence U-neck in Knitting Nature. I also like the new Ariann pattern, but there's no way I'll get that gauge (19) with this yarn. But I really like that big collar. What If I did make the Ofelia, but used the collar from Ariann? Must do some more thinking.

In terms of stash and project reduction I sold the rest of the beige alpaca I need for my ribbed sweater, so obviously I have to frog it. The body is almost done, but I'm bored sick with it. I took it off the needles and tried it on and it was too big, and then Ullas ribbing tutorial was the final nail in the coffin. I have been practising, and I have come a long way since last September, and the ribbing I did back then just isn't up to my new standard. Bye bye alpaca sweater.

With that one in the frog pond I should be allowed to cast on something red or something silky, don't you think? A little bit of math first. With those two, in addition to my six current WIPs, and wanting to cast on Celtic, and the gorgeous teal merino I'm waiting for, and four secret projects coming up, that's, oh dear, I'm going to follow karen into the 2-digit numbers!

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