Friday, September 08, 2006

Eye Candy Friday: A house with(out) a view

This is a picture of the view from our kitchen window. It offers a glimpse of the sea, and mountains in the distance. I love this view. It's so good to be able fix your gaze on things far away.
But it's gone now. They're building a new house in the middle of this scene. The picture was taken Wednesday this week. Yesterday the walls were up, and my view is gone :sob:

Edited to answer Beth's question: The sea is Gandsfjorden, and I guess the answer to your question is yes, technically it's a fjord! But it's not a spectacular fjord, like nearby Lysefjord. Gandsfjorden is just an ordinary everyday fjord in comparison, and the area surrounding it is urban.


Beth S. said...

Such a shame! It was a lovely view. (That isn't a fjord out there, is it?)

Anne said...

Oh. What a shame.:-( We're going to lose our view in a few years too, but it's pretty dull in comparison to what you had.

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