Thursday, September 28, 2006


Last Monday I ran into a friend called G. She is pregnant and under doctor's orders to stay on the couch and do nothing for the next four weeks, and needless to say pretty bored. I told her the same thing happened to me towards the end of my pregnancy, and she asked how I passed the time.

moi: that's when I picked up knitting. And as you know I haven't quite been able to stop yet!
G: Knitting?! Not an option. Besides MIL knits all the time, so baby will have plenty of knitwear.
moi: Oh, well, in that case.
G: I am so not going to start knitting

Fastforward to this Monday. We met for lunch, and much to my surprise G showed up with knitting needles and 3 balls of Dale Baby Ull. I helped her cast on and she knit the whole time we were there. Our mutual friend C arrived and was pretty surprised to see G knit too. C told us that she used to knit and crochet, but doesn't anymore and is not going to start anytime soon. I'm not sure what happened next, but by the time lunch was over we had decided to get together for regular knit meetings, and I swear it wasn't my idea.

Last night was our first meeting, and look at the non-knitters:

This is G and her bump and the little Dale cardi, which by the way has a picot edge (yay, yarnovers!!).

And here's C, who has started 3 WIPs since Tuesday. The scarf in the picture inspired our first rule: Starting and finishing one and the same project during the course of one meeting is not allowed. Yes, we were pretty disgusted with her progress.

Me? I managed one row one my Claudia cardi.

We're meeting again in less than a week for more knitting, and again, I swear it wasn't my idea! I'm just overjoyed to have made RL knit buddies, so am careful not push anybody. Well, relatively careful. G, if you're reading this, the cardi you liked is (very appropriately) called Temptation :insert evil laugh:


strikkeforsker said...

Way to go girl!

HPNY Knits said...

like all good "addicts", we want to see everybody go "down" with us...
way to go!

karen said...

that is just too cool!! you are the knit fairy! :)

Elisabeth said...

you lucky lucky...! wish I had RL knitting buddies to sit and knit with ^^ must be wonderful!

lille_ma said...

You are a true knit fairy! Hm, maybe I should be a fairy too, I know some of my RL friends know who to, but do not practice.

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