Sunday, September 24, 2006

Conversation with Nene (in which I lose again)

Nene (2 1/2) needs a new sweater before Winter. I'm thinking raglan, one colour (preferably offwhite, but please please not pink) and knit in the round, for quick knitting and trouble free finishing. And I'm thinking sweater, not cardi, because frankly she doesn't like to wear anything at all and cardis are easier to take off. But it's more important to find something she will actually wear, so I figured she should take part in the decision making process.

Enter me, bringing Dale book 139 (with one particular sweater (top pic) in mind I must confess)

Me: Nene, would you like me to knit you a sweater?
Nene: Yes!!
Me: How about this one? Look, it has pink edges!
Nene: No. I want that dress.
Me: But you don't need a dress. Besides that dress doesn't have a full skirt that's good for dancing and twirling, you know, the way you like it.
Nene: I like the dress.
Me: But really, it's not a twirl-around-dress
Nene: I like the dress
Me: Well, maybe some other time. But today we're looking for a sweater. Do you like this sweater?
Nene: I like the cardi.
Me: Oh. Right. Why would you let me knit in the round... Well, at least it's not a dress. White with pink edges then?
Nene: No, pink. All pink.

- five minutes later-

Nene: Have you finished my cardi yet? Where's my pink cardi?


Anne said...

I do love conversations with 2 1/2 year olds! You're lucky - Ruth would have insisted that she was going to knit it for me...

Leigh said...

It could be worse. My 2 year old boy's favorite color is magenta . At least its not pink, but it still doesn't really do except for an accent.

Mama Urchin said...

We have a red thing here. Any non-red clothing is protested with "but this [color] is not my favorite." Have fun with the pink!

Alison said...

An eerily familiar conversation, particularly the last bit about it being finished yet!

jacqueline said...

it's not all bad....i was thinking for a minute there you were going to have to start knitting a pink dress.

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