Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Claudia progress

I'm working on the Claudia cardi from Design Club dk. It's done with their 2-ply merino held double on 4 mm needles, so it's moving along quickly. The construction is a bit unusual. There's a section in the middle, front and back, that's longer than the sides. There isn't any shaping to speak of except what you get from ribbing anyway, and the cabled section in the middle of the back and two cabled sections in front that I believe are designed to pull it in a bit. Whether it works or not remains to be seen! There are more Claudias in progress on different Scandinavian knitting blogs, but I haven't seen any finished yet.


Terhi said...

Looks exciting! Lovely shade of green, one of my favourites. :-)

Fru Schwartz said...

Claudia is a fantastic cardi..I'm very pleased with mine (which you can see here: )


Beth S. said...

I've noticed that unusual hemlines seem to appeal to the Scandinavian designers. I know that Lavold has designed more than one sweater with a crenellated hem, and I think there are some distinctive hemlines in Norsk Strikkedesign too. You don't see that nearly as much over here (except maybe in Vogue Knitting.) I wonder why?

Anyway, that's a lovely color you're working with. :-)

Bente B said...

Helt herlig!! Mønsteret ser bare lekkert ut, gleder meg virkelig til å se den ferdig!!

Anne said...

Jeg er kommet lidt længere end dig, har strikket bagstykket og det ene ærme.
Nu skal jeg ha' gang i det andet ærme, og så tager jeg forstykkerne til sidst.
Jeg glæder mig meget til Caludia er færdig, den kommer til at blive en favorit, kan jeg mærke!

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