Saturday, August 19, 2006


It seems to me that most of my posts these days are about yarn or future projects, and not so much about actual knitting, you know the kind take takes place in the present. So let's get that part over with: I'm working on Nene's scarf. It's very boring, very slow going stockinette, and a new photo wouldn't add much to that information! I'm also knitting a very boring Regia sock that is in grave danger after Nene pulled out all the needles. I wasn't very upset with her, so I guess that means it's headed for the UFO basket. Julia sweater: Front, back and one half sleeve done. I suppose I could have posted a progress report to tell you that my contact lenses hate the angora content of the yarn, and to ponder a bit about why I have lost interest in it, because I'm not exactly bored with it. Just very ready to start something new, I guess!

Anyway, can I talk about future projects now?

Like everyone else I'm thrilled with the new rowan mag, vogue knitting and interweave . They are all packed with stuff I would want to make- cables, fair isle and socks - everything, but for now I'm focusing on two Rowan designs.

Celtic in particular caught my eye. I like Sorrel too, in the new Tapestry yarn. I find it very interesting that I didn't notice it at all when it was knit in grey and shown on a regular fashion model. I had to go back and take a second look when it appeared in a colour I like on the models in the article about regular people. I think it looked at lot better on the forty year old woman, than it did on the professional model.

I'm pretty sure I'll knit Celtic. The yarn is Rowan Felted Tweed and Kid Classic for the edges. I'm sure they are both wonderful yarns, but I like Celtic mainly for its design, so it should be possible to substitute the yarn. The yarn in the picture are traditional yarns, Smart and Peer Gynt, from SandnesGarn. The price is 25% of the Rowan yarns, so I'll give them a serious try.

For Sorrell on the other hand I would never dream of substituting.


karen said...

I couldn't agree more about the Sorrel looking real good on that "real" woman. Why don't they use more models like that?! It looks like you found excellent substitutes to use for Celtic - I think it will work even better with your choices because you avoid the scratchy mohair-content of kid classic... knit on! - I would really like to see that Celtic - it's a lovely design!

KnitYoga said...

Celtic is a wonderful design. Looking forward to seeing its progress.

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