Tuesday, August 08, 2006

a most surprising accumulation of yarn

This the tale of how a sock yarn stash of sorts can accumulate almost by accident, unnoticed, behind your back. I still claim not to be bit by the sock bug, but I must admit I have a weakness for gorgeous yarn, so maybe sock knitting wasn't such a great idea.

It started when I saw a picture of pomatomus socks knitted in a teal and brown koigu that was simply called 323. MUST. HAVE. THAT.NOW.
But of course it was nowhere to be found, and instead I started looking for other options, all kinds of more or less similar colour combinations, all online, lousy pictures, forcing you to gamble.

My first purchase was this Mountain Colors Bearfoot Mystic Lake, with gorgeous vibrant blue, deep browns and oranges. I love it and my hunt could have stopped here.

but then Getknitted started stocking Fleece Artist, and the Hercules colourway looked so right in the picture, so I decided to try it.But when I saw it in person I found the blues too pale and the browns were actually more red than brown. Very nice, but not quite what I was looking for.

I kept searching, and got sidetracked by a particularly lovely photo of Lornas Laces Shepherd in the Motherlode colourway. Had to have it of course.

I thought I had got back on track and actually found the 323 when I ordered the yellow-grey Koigu below, but somehow I got the colour codes mixed up and it is actually 321. The colourway makes me smile though, because it reminds me of the bumble bee striped little outfits my brother wore when he was a baby in the early seventies

Then I discovered Sock PrØn with its great photos, and a positive review of Koigu 326, and decided it was just what I was looking for. I bought it and knit my pomatomus.

In the same order I included a different kind of blue-brown combination, it reminds me of our local beaches. Lornas Laces Shepherd in the Sandy Ridge colourway.

but not before I had checked out the budget version, the Sandnes Sisu Fantasy on the left in the picture below.

And would you believe it - after all that searching, and after finishing the first sock, I came home from vacation to find the colourway that started it all, available at Getknitted. Here it it is, closer to the Sandy Ridge than the 326 I actually used. It's beautiful, very elegant, but when I saw it in person it's not at all what I was looking for in a yarn for pomatomus! Koigu kpppm 323::

Well, I guess there will be more sock knitting in the future! Now that I have yarn, I find myself looking for patterns. I bought the Sensational Socks book that everybody is raving about, but it bores me to tears. Too technical for my taste, and I find the the stitch pattern photos uninspiring. Bought Vintage Socks too, hope to find more inspiration there.


Philippa said...

Get Knitted stock Fleece Artist sock yarn?! Thanks for nothing.

:) I too have a sock yarn stash, and I have yet to complete a pair of socks. Now that you've shown me the ways of Sock PrØn, I might actually get my act together. Your daisy socks are high up on my list.

aija said...

Ooh!! I love your stash accumulation pics... I wish I hadn't seen that p326 again, I am just in love with it all over again :)

Love your color choices!

Kate said...

Don't talk to me about socks. I have had nothing but trouble from the latest pair. I buy sock wool because I think I ought to like knitting socks and I will some day. Have you got Nancy Bush's Folk Socks? Great discussion of various heels and toes. There are so many patterns on-line though, I don't know if you really need a book. Love all your colours.

Daisy said...

Love your sock yarn stash. Mine has grown at rather frightening speed too! The Lucy Neatby book "Cook socks, warm feet" is very good.

Terhi said...

Hehee, the same thing is happening to me too. Lovely yarns! And your Cabled Spiral Pullover is absolutely gorgeous, I love it! The fit is great and the colour looks perfect. Congrats, Marie! :-)

karen said...

Yes - isn't it just utterly inconceivable how those little bundles sneak up on you.... I have that exact sisu colorway too in stash - couldn't resist that lovely blue/brown combo. You're just like me - worried sick about getting cold feet!;)Enjoy them - they are all so lovely :)

Beth S. said...

Oh, that's too funny! :-)

May I suggest the dragon socks by Keyboard Biologist for some of that yarn? It's a "scaly" pattern too.

Steph said...

I just got some of that 323 Koigu today, it's so beautiful!

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