Friday, August 11, 2006

Eye Candy Friday

I have joined Sundara's Eye Candy Friday

I enjoyed Color Week back in June so much. It inspired me to open my eyes and look again at the things around me, as well as work on improving my photos. I hope Eye Candy Friday will do the same. My first entry is pretty traditional, but I can't ignore what's going on in my garden this week, can I? This beauty is called Nostalgie:

Edited to answer Hildes question: It's a compact digital camera, an Ixus. It's ok, but I really miss working with my old SLR, that I never use for blog photos. I will try to save up for a digital SLR that is compatible with the lenses and filters I use with my old SLR :dreaming:

1 comment:

Hilde said...

What a lovely picture! I'm curious about the camera that you used..

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