Thursday, June 15, 2006

we have a winner!

I long to knit up the cashmere I bought last September, but so far it remains in my stash because, well, no design, no pattern seems good enough for this yarn. And believe me, I have been searching. So it's just sitting there, not forgotten, but I had kind of given up on it.

I had given up on Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughan too. One, because it never arrived. Amazon told me that it wasn't released yet, I sent them a link to the knitalong that imo should demonstrate that it has indeed been released, but they kept insisting, and so did I. Very tiresome. When they told me it wouldn't be dispatched until July I decided to cancel my order. Especially because other knitters have found a lot of errors in it. Three, I never seem to knit anything from the books I buy anyway. Four, I have enough projects lined up anyway.

But then it arrived, yesterday, and I can't put it down. It's fascinating. the science bit is great, the knitting bit is great, the designs, the photos, everything, I love it. This is a designer who manages to add something new to knitting.

And then it occurred to me that the cashmere would be just the right colour for, well, any of these designs. I have swatched and decided on the Cabled Spiral Sweater. It came closest in gauge, I love the shell theme, and I think the sand colour suits it nicely.

There are a couple of things to figure out before I start. First the question of gauge. I can get the 21 gauge called for on 5 mm needles, but the fabric looks nicer on smaller needles at at slightly tighter gauge. I think I'll solve by knitting a bigger size but at a smaller gauge. Which brings me to the next question: When a pattern says

Finished measurements
36 (40 44 etc)" chest

- does that refer to the chest measurements of the person or the garment??

The next thing I need to figure out before I start is whether or not I should add some waist shaping, or even the 10 cm rib I had originally planned for this yarn. The sweater in the book is completely straight, and despite my great respect for the designer, I don't think that's going to happen!

Now if you'll excuse me I have a knitalong to join!

Edited to add: The yarn is from It's 100 % cashmere, it's unlabeled, I think Pinnsvindesign imports it directly. It is also reasonably priced (ahem, if you can use the words reasonable and cashmere in the same sentence).


Janet said...

Finished measurement should be the finished measurement of the completed garment. Usually, if the pattern says "to fit bust size" it is then the measurement of the body. You should be able to divide the amount of stitches cast on, or at the bust, by your gauge to get the finished measurement, if you're going to go up a size.

Janet said...

I forgot to ask where you got that yummy cashmere?

Mary-Lou said...

Thanks for the write up - this is a book I've been thinking about for some time, so it's helpful to see what other people thought of it!

KnitYoga said...

That book looks fascinating. Must take a closer look!

karen said...

that cashmere in that color looks heavenly - how wonderful that you found a pattern at long last in a book you had given up on! the book looks so tempting - a friend of mine also bought it - haven't seen it yet just heard on the phone how fantastic it is.. good luck with your sweater - btw - I'm quite certain that "finished measurements" refers to the garment!

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