Saturday, June 03, 2006

Third time is a charm

My third Birch finished. The previous two can be seen here. To keep with the theme I'm posing next to the only birch we have in our garden, which is called a cinnamon birch, because its tiny leaves smell of cinnamon if you rub them ligthly.

Why three Birches?

I love this design. I think it's an ingenious combination of shape and stitch pattern. Simplicity in lace may be a paradox, but I think this design combine the two.

There are so many beautiful and complex shetland style lace patterns out there, and they would be great to knit if I were a process knitter. But I'm not. I need to knit stuff that is actually wearable, for me, in my life. Shetland style shawls, despite their beauty, tend to be too dressy for how I dress. I can see their beauty, I can see the challenge, I would love to try knitting them, but they wouldn't get much wear.

Birch is different. I've worn my green Birch every second day during Autumn, Winter and Spring, and many times wishing I had a black one too. So in that sense this has been a product oriented knit. This doesn't mean I haven't enjoyed the knitting process. Quite the contrary. The pattern and yarn have become too familiar to pose a challenge for me now, but have been perfect for not-so-mindless meditative knitting. So it's a process thing too!


Pattern: Birch by Sharon Miller/Rowan
Yarn: Rowan Kidsilk Haze
Started 18 April 2006
Finished 2 June 2006

Notes: This is the garter stitch version. It seems much bigger than the stockinette one, but I can't be sure before I block the stockinette one again.

Edited to add: I was very surprised to see how big it turned out. Karen commented that hers is smaller and asked what needles I used. Well, that's the strangest thing. The pattern suggests 5 mm, but my previous Birches were knit with 4.5 mm, and I found them too sloppy (too big yarnover holes), so this one was actually knit with 4 mm needles. I have no idea how it turned out so big!! First I thought that I had simply forgotten how big they were, but the fact is I have used a lot more yarn on this one, so it might be bigger indeed. But I really couldn't say how it happened.

Out of curiosity I'm going to block my old Birch again to see if will get as big as the new one. Here it is in its' present sorry state, which should help explain why I'm clueless about its' size:


Anonymous said...

Kjempefint! Rett og slett:-)
Hilsen Ingrid

kris said...

nuuuudelig! i can't believe you've made three! very impressive.

it's funny to see how big they are when freshly blocked - my grey one is just a long, skinny scarf at this point.

karen said...

it's looking so fantastic in black!! - and especially with your white dress! i also really like how big and airy yours turned out - i often wish i knit my green one on a bit bigger needles.. what needle size did you use?

castoncastoff said...

It looks marvellous! I must make one soon...too many other things to finish off though before the little one arrives.

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